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Texas Stars in the NHL
Texas Stars in the NHL

Last week on we explored the player movement between AHL & NHL affiliates, Texas and Dallas, specifically looking at which players had spent time with both teams during the four seasons (2009-2013) that the Texas Stars have been in operation.
This week we take it a step further and give you the list of every Texas Stars player who has ever spent time in the National Hockey League. The criteria for this list are simple: a player must have appeared in at least one game (regular season or playoff) for the Texas Stars AND at least one regular season game in the NHL. Here is the full list, arranged by career NHL games played.

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Forty six different Texas Stars players have spent time in the NHL, combining for 5,514 NHL games played (regular season). The Top Five on this list account for 43.6% or 2,402 of the total NHL games played, while the Top Ten add up to a staggering 70.2% (3,872). Not surprisingly 38 of these 46 players (82.6%) have hit the ice for at least one game in a Dallas Stars uniform during their professional careers. A total of 26 of the current 30 NHL franchises are represented in this list, with Anaheim, Philadelphia, Montreal and St. Louis being the only teams that have never had a Texas Stars player on their squad.

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Posted on 06/03/13

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