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Texas Stars’ Future Very Bright
Texas Stars’ Future Very Bright
Even after losing coaching staff, Texas Stars’ future very bright
By John Tranchina,

The Dallas Stars may have raided their primary minor league affiliate, the AHL’s Texas Stars, for its new coaching staff, but that just provides further evidence that the farm club is excelling at its primary objective to develop talent for the parent squad.

And even though the AHL team, located just three hours down I-35 in the Austin suburb of Cedar Park, essentially lost the only coaching staff it ever had, the franchise is poised to continue that success, both in terms of player development as well as a successful team on the ice.

"I think we’ve stocked that cupboard pretty good, and I think it’s just a matter of time, they’ll all have to go through their learning experiences and their trials, just like everybody else, but it definitely looks like a good group of young guys.”

“We have some good young players that are starting to come,” added Dallas General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk. “And I think, more importantly from a growth point-of-view, we’re starting to see some young players starting to come into Austin - young college players, young junior players that are going to stockpile our system a little bit, so we’re clearly on the upside.”

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Posted on 08/09/11

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