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Taylor Peters: New Days, Part 2
Taylor Peters: New Days, Part 2

Texas Stars forward Taylor Peters is chronicling his life as a rookie in the American Hockey League. Check back for occasional entries from Peters right here on

A Rookie Perspective: New Days, Part 2

With another month of luxury living under my belt, things have slowly been settling in.  The bare walls aren’t quite as bare now.   The meals are coming along too; flipping omelettes has become less of a spectacle and more of a strict policy in our kitchen.  However, attempting to recreate my grandma’s amazing meatloaf recipe resulted in what looked like a cooked loaf of meat with massive fingernails sticking out (onions).  Clearly when my dad informed me that cooking the meatloaf was more of an art than a recipe, abstract wasn’t one of the options.  Needless to say, I don’t think the responsibility of cooking the turkey will fall to me in any upcoming holiday feasts.

Speaking of turkey, I’d like to thank the Petersen’s for opening their house to the team and I for an early Thanksgiving feast.  Back home, family meals bring together good food and good people and having the opportunity to experience that feeling thousands of miles away is invaluable.  So when the invitation comes my way, it doesn’t take much convincing to RSVP.  Even as a Canadian in the States, where Thanksgiving is known as Thursday in my hometown, I recognize the importance of upholding traditions.

Hockeywise, on a recent trip to the penalty box, after “calmly” pleading my case with the referee, I took a poll of the scorekeepers to see how many of them thought the same as I did… and how many of them were wrong.  I formed a campaign based on a simple yet solid platform of “I was just going for the puck”.  The worker in the box with me joined my cause right away, garnering me an easy first tally after I thanked him for grabbing me a water bottle.  The score keeper and announcer were a harder sell; smear campaigns and a benevolent super Pac helped me lobby their votes.  Victorious, I informed the ref of my support bearing the officiating become more of a democratic process and less tyrannical.

Our recent trip from Grand Rapids to Oklahoma City turned from your average travel day into an unwelcomed adventure.  The airline had us lulled Into a false sense of security, pulling off our initial flight from Grand Rapids to Denver without a hitch.  Then the day took a turn for the worst.  Our 5:40 flight from Denver to Oklahoma was delayed until 8:15 before our wheels had even touched down.  It wasn’t a terrible fate, the extra couple hours gave the boys time for a nice sit down meal.  And I’d be remiss if I said that the 20 minute Xpress Spa Shoulder & Neck massage I purchased wasn’t the best investment I’ve made this month.  So, with full stomachs and loose shoulders, we took off once again.  We reached our cruising altitude, levelled off, and as we descended into OKC, the pilot just seemed to change his mind.  A look of confusion settled across the faces of the passengers as the nose of the plane tipped up and our plane ascended into the heavens once again.  Before long, the captain informed us that due to weather conditions our final destination would be Dallas, not our intended Oklahoma.  Now, I’m no pilot, but on a team trip with the Winterhawks last season I managed to successfully fly a (simulated) 747 upside down then proceed land on a highway.  I believe that makes me an honorary pilot and an Oscar nominee.  What’s a little fog, right?!

In other news, since when did Black Friday become a Dothraki wedding?

-- Taylor

Posted on 12/05/13

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