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Summer With The Stars: Sceviour
Summer With The Stars: Sceviour

Throughout the 2013 off-season will be checking in with the players to see how their summer is going. We will be posting a weekly audio interview with Texas Stars broadcaster Owen Newkirk joined by a Stars’ player or coach, asking about everything from off-season conditioning to vacation time to the Stars’ Fifth Anniversary season coming up in 2013-14 and more. Episode 4 of Summer with the Stars features Red Deer, Alberta native and Texas’ all-time leader in games played Colton Sceviour. Below are some highlights of our conversation with the Stars forward, along with a link to the full audio interview.

Two teammates of yours with Texas last season, Matt Fraser and Bretton Cameron, are from your hometown of Red Deer, Alberta. Did you know them prior to playing with the Stars?
Yeah, I knew Matt from before. We grew up in the same subdivision, went to the same elementary school, middle school and high school, but had never played hockey together until Texas, which is kind of strange. I’ve known Bretton for a long time too. I’ve known him since we were probably 12 years old. We played summer hockey together a little bit and then I played against him forever.
Didn’t you and Cameron drive home together after the season ended?
Yeah at the end of the season he hopped in my truck with me and we did the drive together. We have known each other for years, we’re actually really good friends, so when he got called up I was actually probably more excited than he was about that. It worked out well for him too. He knew a lot of the guys on the team already, which was nice, with me and Matt and he played hockey with Coyle and Baldwin. It was definitely a good thing for him.
Congratulations on signing your new contract with Dallas. Can you describe the process you went through to get the deal done?
It’s a pretty simple concept when you’re a restricted free agent. As far as options and the way it goes it’s pretty standard. It’s usually a pretty quick process. You heard about some of the contract signings dragging out for a while, but generally with restricted guys at the American Hockey League level the deals are done relatively quickly. It was good, I was glad to get it done and out of the way early. You always assume that you’re going to be back, but you never know for sure. So it’s always good to have that contract done so you can just focus on training and getting ready for the next season, as opposed to worrying about where you’re going or where you might end up.
You played in one game for Dallas last year, your second career NHL game, and got your first NHL point with an assist. Were you pretty excited, even though Dallas lost the game, to get your first NHL point out of the way?

It was definitely a cool feeling. Just getting into games is fun and anytime you can add a point of any sorts early on is always a cool feeling, for sure. It was tough, definitely, seeing the fact that it was a loss and when you are there, being in the kind of side role that you play at that level, you want the team to win. It’s more of a team thing than anything else, but it’s definitely a cool feeling to get that first point.
How are you feeling about the Texas Stars and chances for the 2013-14 season with many players returning with more experience?

You obviously never know what’s going to happen as far as what the roster in Dallas is going to look like. But most teams, there’s a lot of change from year to year, especially at the AHL level just with guys signing with different teams or getting traded or going up. I feel like anytime if the team you do happen to have in the AHL can be similar to the one you had the year before, you’re coming in with a better feeling than having to feel yourself out like you usually do at the beginning of the year. It definitely helps if next year’s team is closer to this year’s team, or as close to this year’s team as possible, it’s obviously going to help us right off the bat.
You are the only player in Texas Stars history to wear No. 7. You are also the franchise leader in games played, plus-minus, shorthanded goals, game-winning goals, shots, shootout goals, shootout attempts and penalty shot goals. How dear to your heart is the Texas Stars franchise?

It’s obviously pretty cool to even have any kind of thing like that at any point in time. It’s obviously going to look that way considering I’ve played there since the organization existed, which is going to help in a lot of those situations and I played a lot of games every year. But obviously it’s cool. It’s the only team I’ve played for in my pro career. I’ve had two games in Dallas, but other than that every other game I’ve played pro has been in a Texas Stars uniform. It’s kind of cool, it’s definitely something that is an honor to have, but at the same time as nice as that is, you always want to be wearing Dallas Stars at the end, that’s the ultimate goal.
What kinds of things do you like to do during the summer that you just can’t do during the season?
Relax! [Laughs] I can kind of stop thinking about hockey a little bit more. During the regular season it’s always in your mind and you’re at the rink every day. The one nice thing is just mentally you rest and you get a break from the everyday grind of whatever’s going on at that time of the season, whether its success or failures or whatever. You get a break from that and that’s huge. I get to golf a lot in the summer too, which during the season I don’t ever do. Those are the two things that are the best parts about summer as far as unwinding and relaxing before the next season.
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Posted on 06/27/13

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