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Statesman Article: Jordie Benn making his own name with Stars
CEDAR PARK — You've heard the names.

Frank Stallone. Tito Jackson. Roger Clinton. The three Baldwins not named Alec.

They are all brothers of famous siblings. It's not the easiest existence to have folks come up to you and ask about your more popular family member, but it's a reality these men face on a daily basis.

Texas Stars defenseman Jordie Benn can sympathize with those less ballyhooed brothers. His younger brother Jamie, 21, is an emerging star with the Dallas Stars of the NHL, while Jordie's career path is different from his brother's.

"We've always been close," Jordie said. "I've never been the jealous type, and my brother is unbelievable. But it is a bit of a shadow. People definitely let me know that I'm Jamie Benn's brother."

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Posted on 03/30/11

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