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Campbell Learning to Balance Desire to Compete
Campbell Learning to Balance Desire to Compete
Campbell learning to balance his desire to compete and aggressiveness between the pipes by Mark Stepneski |

Read a scouting report on Dallas Stars goaltending prospect Jack Campbell or talk to someone about Campbell, and there’s a good chance the word competitive will be in the mix. Stars forward prospect Austin Smith can tell you about the goaltender’s competitiveness.

During Dallas’ recent development camp in Frisco, Smith recalled the first time he and Campbell practiced together with the Texas Stars late last season.

“He was counting his save percentage in his head, and I said, ‘Come on, Jack,’ and he’s like, ‘I have a .892 today, I’m looking for a .923 tomorrow,’” Smith said. “His work ethic, his compete level, you want to go against him in practice because as a goal scorer he’ll make you better. He’s going to challenge you. The kid will play six rebounds until the puck is in the net, he covers it or it is in the corner. He won’t stop.”

That competitiveness is one of Campbell’s great strengths but the young goaltender has learned that he needs to strike a balance, making sure that the desire to compete doesn’t lead to being too aggressive and overplaying things in the net.

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Posted on 08/07/12

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